Connect with over 1.2 billion WeChat users in China and globally for a frictionless customer experience with an Official Account. We're proud to offer WeChat as a scalable and flexible solution. You decide how to integrate and automate WeChat conversations. Onboarding Guidance We provide guided onboarding, installation and best practices to get your Official Account up and running. Easy-to-integrate API Integrate tyntec’s developer-friendly Conversations API to exchange messages on your WeChat.

How to use WeChat Official Accounts

Customer Care

Provide instant customer support (automated and/or human-assisted)


Send notifications for orders, shipping and loyalty programs

Direct Marketing

Guide and personalize sales

Targeted Content

Boost engagement with customized, targeted content

Personalized Offers

Send personalized offers and promotions via blog-like content or during a conversation

Improve Brand Visibility

Share the latest updates on brand/products/service with customers