Power automate your business

Nothing beats SMS for reach and immediacy. You can access your customers instantly anywhere. People read SMS messages fast too, so it’s perfect for time-sensitive communications.

Time-Critical Alerts

Sometimes speed is your top priority. SMS texts arrive immediately, making it ideal for online transactions, timely notifications, delivery alerts and other critical communications.

Mobile Marketing

SMS is universal, so it’s great for promotions. Use it to alert customers to new deals, download an app, access coupons and more.

Take Advantage of SMS Features

Speedy, Global, Assured Delivery through our SMS Gateway

Your texts will arrive in seconds, anywhere in the world, straight from zSender’s communications platform. Our strict SLAs and industry-leading network guarantee it.

Branded Experiences with Business SMS

Use branded sender IDs to help your customers recognize – and trust – the sender. For your added security, you can access our service with SSL and VPN.

Easy to Integrate with Business Applications and Processes

Our simple and robust SMS Messaging APIs are developer-friendly. Your team can easily test and integrate them — and monitor the performance via our real-time dashboards.