We provide basic and advanced software support services. Our technicians have experience maintaining the software after the project completion, supporting legacy systems, or software products developed by other vendors. The scope of software support services depends on customer needs. For effective technical support and maintenance, we store source code and keep every project’s documentation, user manuals, run books, metrics up-to-date.

Functionality integration
We are a software support company to help you design, develop, implement new functionalities, and integrate them with other features or third-party applications used within your organization. Our architects will provide a detailed integration framework.
Software upgrade
Upon your request, we do a software audit and come up with ideas and recommendations on what can be improved and how. Our architects will offer the best way and technology solutions to implement system improvements.
Support team

For long-term and complex projects, we have dedicated technical support teams consisting of the project’s team members available according to multiple options like on-call, 24x7, during a certain time on business days.

Ongoing support

Ongoing software support and maintenance services include break/fix services, bug fixing, troubleshooting, backup, ongoing guidance, and advisory, etc. Our specialists are always available to resolve your software-related issues.

We provide standard break/fix services, technical support, and software maintenance services for the software developed either by our company or delivered by third-party vendors. Having continuous IT maintenance and support in place allows you to eliminate many risks and plan the IT budget. Besides better software performance, you benefit from managed security, enhanced business continuity, and overall company efficiency.

Benefits of our software maintenance and support services

We provide reliable software maintenance and support services for quick troubleshooting, digital transformation, and various improvements. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs. Learn how hundreds of our clients have already benefited from professional software support.

Professional support

Our tech support and maintenance specialists are strong developers, business analysts, test engineers. As a team, they will consult you and identify your needs. Depending on the software audit, your requirements, or business analysis, we will develop the most effective strategy for your project.

Multiple options

We are one of the few software maintenance companies that have such a wide range of support options. Our clients are pleased to have a chance to select a comfortable schedule for this service and match their budget expectations with our offerings.

Advanced consulting

Apart from getting professional software support solutions and services, we provide advanced consulting on innovation, digital transformation, and various improvements. By regularly interacting with your software, our team can recommend you how to enhance it.

Transparent cooperation

We are focused on providing high-quality services; that’s why you will be provided with regular reports depending on the service type that you get as a customer. We will report troubleshooting, bug fixing, new functionality release, issues, changes, etc.

Our IT maintenance and support process

We provide IT support and maintenance for all types of software, no matter how it was developed – by our company or by some other vendors. We have a well-defined process for this service.

Identifying your needs

We start by identifying your current issues and needs to define the best support option for you. Our software support services are categorized according to a two-tier approach. Below is brief information on the scope for each category.

Knowledge transfer

For effective and quick support, we put a team together, hold multiple sessions to get all the knowledge about your project and project-specific issues, build support plans and workflows according to your needs.

L2 technical support

Tier 2 technical support is a prioritized troubleshooting process where we help our customers resolve system issues without changing the code. The scope of these services covers databases, software systems, cloud solutions.

L3 technical support

Tier 3 software maintenance support requires changes made in software code. The service scope includes bug fixing, integration issues, performance- and security-related gaps and failures. L3 support representatives are usually people who know the product backend.

What impacts your project duration

Technical support time depends on what level of services you need. We have multiple options on the support schedule:

  • 24x7 (covers all time zones, 7 days a week)
  • 24x5 (covers all time zones, on business days)
  • 12x5 (covers 12 hours per day, on business days)
  • 8x5 (covers business hours only)
  • On-call support and its variations
What affects your project costs

You will know the price once we know your needs and challenges. Those are discussed within the project development cooperation or upon your specific request.

  • Project scope and complexity
  • The chosen technology
  • Project completion urgency
  • Engagement model: Fixed Price, Time and Material, Dedicated Team
  • Software support type and level