Delivery management

From notifications to delivery management

Alert your customers when a package is due for arrival on their preferred messaging platform. Let your customers reschedule delivery times on-the-go.

Recipient-at-home confirmation

Automatically confirm when recipients are at home to receive packages to avoid failed deliveries.

Improving the last mile

Enable customers to choose delivery times or pick-up locations to improve last-mile deliveries.

Automated delivery information with bots

Increase transparency to end customers by answering questions about where orders are or when they will arrive.

Customer service

Proactively address issues via chat apps and reduce incoming calls to your contact center.

Customer fulfillment with digital tools

Omnichannel Platform

Enable your agents to manage inquiries from multiple chat apps and SMS with an intuitive support platform.

Conversations API

Integrate the platform-agnostic Conversations API into your ERP, CRM or any existing system.

Connect your systems for full context

Use our pre-built integrations to Salesforce, Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics to manage and feed conversations with your data.

Service 24/7 with chatbots

Use chatbots to scale customer service around the clock, speeding up resolution times and improving customer satisfaction.