The Internet of Things will soon no longer be hype, but the new normality. Today, as many examples show, IoT offers many companies the chance to remain competitive. However, many companies will have to bid farewell to traditional business models and processes and be open to new possibilities and ways of keeping up in the age of globalization.

it's not quite so simple...

Internet of Things (IoT) top down is often introduced. And many CIOs make the mistake of wanting to bring IoT projects to success with in-house expertise. But it's like figure skating on TV, it looks simple and elegant until you're on the ice yourself.

In their urge to quickly benefit from the potential advantages of the Internet of Things or IoT, many companies have started badly planned and not targeted implementation projects. Before starting an Internet of Things project, it is advisable to take the time to assess which competencies are available in the team and which additions from outside are required.

It must also be accepted that not every IoT project will be a success. Failure is not a sufficient argument for not trying again.

We at ZARSS have many years of experience in conception and development of IoT projects. We accompany our customers from the beginning to the successful implementation.

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