Google Business Messages is a mobile conversational channel that combines entry points on Google Maps, Search, and brand websites to create rich, asynchronous messaging experiences that delight customers and drive business results. Use Google My Business Messaging with ZARSS’s AI to improve response time, create contextual conversations, and generate more quality leads.

Having a Google My Business profile can be a great way for businesses of all sizes to boost brand visibility and get more customers.

Google My Business has a messaging feature that is much like Facebook Messenger — it makes it easy for customers to reach out to your brand and ask a question or voice a concern. And, as data shows, having the option to easily connect with a business makes customers trust the brand more.

Why Google Business Messages?

Connect with your Audience

Approximately 70,000 queries are searched on Google every second. Google messaging for business will help you Engage with your customers & leads at entry points on Google Search, Maps, and websites. Use automated Google My Business Messaging to create rich, asynchronous messaging experiences that delight customers & drive business results. Powered with instant automated replies, carousels, & multimedia messages, Google Business Messages will reduce brand and product discovery time drastically.

Build Stronger Relationships

Reply instantly and gratify consumers. Win their trust by showing expected wait times and answers to frequently asked questions, and enhance customer care with the ability to connect with a live agent. Drive engagement with rich message formats, carousels, and multimedia messages. Build customer loyalty, drive more sales, and create better brand awareness regardless of the platform used by the consumer.

Optimize & Automate with AI-Powered Bot

If Google messaging for Business can help you drive better business outcomes, imagine the impact that can be created with an AI bot build for Business Messages. Enable your Google My Business text messaging with contextual conversations, intent identification, and NLU. Optimize your Business Messages further with AI-driven bots by ZARSS.