Facebook is one of the largest used Social Media platforms of the 21st century. ZARSS AI has developed Facebook Messenger bot on our Conversational AI Platform for companies that make your Customer Engagement on Facebook Messenger smarter and faster!

Business Benefits

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Being one of the most used social media platforms, Facebook is the most preferred channel for customers and prospects to connect with your brand instantly. This has led to an increase in support request volumes. ZARSS’s Facebook Messenger Bot on Conversational AI Platform enables companies to respond to queries in real-time, hence, ensuring quick resolution. Provide complete customer service with ZARSS’s Facebook AI Bot for customer support.
Reduced Response Time + Accurate Answers = Increased Customer Satisfaction

Generate High-Quality Leads

Facebook provides you with data on contacts who have shown interest in your products, services or similar items to run targeted marketing campaigns. With the FB Messenger Chatbot, companies are able to reach their potential client through various ad campaigns and generate high quality and qualified leads.

Conversational Commerce

The Messenger Bots for Facebook not only answers queries from your customers but also assists them throughout the Sales journey. From understanding the customer requirements and recommending the best fit product to assist through the check-out process, ZARSS AI FB Messenger Bot does it all. In situations where there are products in the customer’s cart for a long time on your website, Facebook Bot can remind the customer and help drive sales from there.