Interestingly in today’s age of Omnichannel technology to serve customers, most consumers prefer Email communication. While companies are trying to better their customer engagement game, they are underestimating the value of Email communication. ZARSS AI allows these companies to fully automate the email processes by using an email sender bot to send emails so that you have one channel less to worry about.

Business Benefits

Faster Services

In the current scenario when there is an incoming email, an agent will read the contents of the Email, understand the intent, and then map it to the correct department. Subsequently, the other Agent will refer to different systems and Excel files to get information to compose and send a structured email in response. ZARSS Email sender AI bot executes this process end-to-end for bot emails, right from the incoming Email to sending the closure response!

Smart Task Management

There are many emails received by the company enquiring about an issue of a common nature. These are mainly the FAQ type queries where the agent is spending more than half of his time to resolve them. With an email reply bot, these common tasks can be intelligently automated so that Agents spend more time in dealing with complex issues. The email sender bot also comes in very handy for internal response email communications.

Increased NPS

What drives a customer into giving positive feedback is a good customer experience. Generally, emails are considered as the slowest of all correspondence. Email Bot using AI software that works 24/7 can provide recommendations to Agents and respond to emails according to the intent of the message outside the agent’s working hours.

Reduced Operational Cost

Nowadays, businesses are outsourcing services to reduce expenses at the cost of quality. ZARSS’s Email Bot needs to be trained only once and its self-learning algorithm does not require repetitive training. Also, being available round the clock helps reduce the operational cost to the company.

Seamless Integration

ZARSS Email Bot can be easily integrated with underlying systems and CRM tools. All the email transactions between the customer and the agent/email Bot are recorded in the CRM records. While replying to the customer, the Email Bot can check the customer’s history and provide an appropriate response. It also allows two-way sharing of documents as an attachment.

Structured Responses

Since the email body allows free-style writing, emails from customers could be covering multiple queries placed in an unstructured format. ZARSS AI solution for Email can analyze the unstructured body to find the list of queries that the customer needs assistance for and replies in a structured format.

Intent Identification

ZARSS AI solution for Email can detect multiple intents and entities in the form of unrelated questions in an email, construct a response for each intent, and respond to the customer in a structured form.

Cross-channel Context Retain

Customers may want to connect with your team on different channels depending on their convenience. ZARSS AI has the capability of moving conversations of an open ticket from Email to other channels and vice versa without making the customer repeat their query.

Human-Bot Teamwork

In cases where the Bot is not confident about a particular query response, it can draft an email and send it to an agent for review. The Agent will proofread the Email and make corrections wherever necessary. ZARSS AI Bot learns the corrections and improves its responses for future communications.