What is Digitalisation?

Digitalisation is about the transformation and optimisation of processes. This transformation is very multi-faceted and includes, for example, IoT (Internet of Things), networking of systems, cryptocurrencies, but also natural language access (e.g. speech recognition) and Big Data.

What role does Digitalisation play?

The future will be digital, that much is certain. In the coming years, digitalisation will advance rapidly. In the process, the effects of the ongoing digital transformation will be felt by those involved, first slowly and then increasingly quickly. A growing number of managers are already facing up to the digital reality. They know that digital technology can significantly improve the performance of their current business and create entirely new business models. First movers will have an advantage.

What role does ZARSS play in Digitalisation?

ZARSS has been involved in digitalisation for more than 12 years and accordingly has valuable know-how. Companies should drive digitalisation forward with so-called lighthouse projects, which offer the potential for considerable reward with manageable risk. ZARSS supports companies in this important step and is actively on hand throughout the entire software lifecycle. ZARSS successfully brings companies into the digital world.