Apple's Business Chat is a powerful new way for businesses to connect directly with customers using iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch. With Business Chat, your customers can easily get assistance, schedule appointments, and complete purchases with Apple Pay, right from within Messages.

Major companies choose Apple Business Chat because of the rich experience it means they can provide their customers. Brands can take advantage of Chat Suggest, List Picker, Payments and Augmented reality. Let’s review those features:

Feature 1: Chat Suggest

Chat Suggest pushes customers towards messaging as soon as they want to contact a business. The option to message appears dynamically next to the ‘click to call’ button. Used by UK cosmetics company Lush, it’s a way of reducing the number of inbound calls and start a relationship via messaging off the bat. If the feature doesn’t catch the consumer straight away, there’s also the option on Apple Business Chat to convert a call conversation to a messaging one by promoting ‘press 1 to start messaging us’ during the voice call.

Feature 2: List Picker

Brands that use Apple Business Chat also have access to Pickers - a feature that opens up a wide range of potential uses. Pickers are essentially interactive lists, meaning that users can book appointments or even select products to purchase, all within the app. While reducing friction in both the booking and buying process, it also brings down the cost of acquisition and helps Apple’s partners become more pandemic-proof, as purchases are possible without customers leaving their homes.

Feature 3: Payments

Convenience is king. The easier you can make a process for your customer, the happier and more loyal they are likely to be. Users who have chosen something to purchase via the Pickers feature then need to go and pay for it. Apple Business Chat is linked to both Apple Wallet and Apple Pay, so, as long as card details are saved to their device, the entire purchasing process takes place within the app, safely and securely.

Feature 4: Augmented Reality (AR)

Messaging is already a much more personalized experience for consumers. By introducing AR into the mix, shopping experiences suddenly become personalized and interactive. Apple Business Chat gives users the ability to test out what a product looks like, such as furniture or article of clothing, all within the app; the ultimate ‘try before you buy.’

Design and renovation company Houzz introduced AR to their buyer experience and saw impressive results; users were spending on average 2.7x more time in the app, with an 11% increase in the likelihood of buying.

How can Apple Business Chat features benefit your CX?

Apple Business Chat benefits your CX because you can keep an entire user journey within the app, while actually making your customer’s life easier. Users will find your business via Safari, Maps, Search, or via the "click to messaging" buttons on your website, and start the relationship right then through messaging.

Imagine a customer needs a sofa, but with Covid restrictions, they’re not too keen to visit the store. They find their local furniture outlet on Maps, click to message and start chatting with an agent. In the chat, they cycle through potential sofas for purchase, use the AR function to see what it will look like in their living room, buy it, and book a delivery slot - all within Apple Business Chat. Voila, it’s a streamlined service that offers frictionless customer journeys, and all they need is an iOS device.

For brands, tracking a user’s journey has never been easier. Every bit of information and data needed about your customers is all contained within a single messaging conversation. When consumers and major brands, supported by the world’s biggest tech companies, decide to move to messaging, it’s worth taking notice and start the transition yourself.