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Our AI-powered technologies are already in production in many organizations & banks. Enabling customers to open accounts remotely in just minutes while removing costs associated to manual processing. Users can exercise a whole range of activities related to consumer finance such as payments or authorization of transactions thanks to our Identity Verification solutions.

Our Expertise


We build exactly what your business needs

We're experts at developing new software. Whether it's a mobile app, web app or even an enterprise grade solution, we have the skills and experience to turn your good idea into great results.

Software development

Modernise existing software

Application modernisation helps transform businesses and builds new capabilities. Accelerate your app modernisation journey by working with our team of full stack app developers.

Application modernisation

The future will be digital

Digitalisation is about the transformation and optimisation of processes. This transformation is very multi-faceted and includes, for example, IoT (Internet of Things), networking of systems, cryptocurrencies, but also natural language access (e.g. speech recognition) and Big Data.


Voice AI Bot – The Future is Here!

Integrating the Voice Based Conversational AI with your existing system is as easy as falling off a log! Unlike other companies, K2Bot can be used with the legacy systems and do not need an infrastructural overhaul to deliver high-quality customer engagement experience. Thus, K2Bot is a complete Voice AI Platform that helps you integrate a contextual voice assistant with the existing IVR instead of replacing it.

Voice AI